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About Wrinkles

Naturalizing the Aging Process.

Dra. Rosângela Manchini


About Wrinkles

We live in a time when aging is treated as a disease and its signs as symptoms. Such a process is seen as something to be fought, disguised, and stopped at all costs. The social demands (especially on women) to remain young denote the villainization of aging in our current society. But is this perspective healthy?

Re-naturalize aging

Contemporary standards of beauty promote an "alienization" of feminine beauty that can look scary. Extremely lifted faces and overfilled facial features give an unnatural, fabricated look. There is almost a phobia of getting older, so some people adopt an extreme appearance, trying to escape an inevitable process.

For this reason, we at enviva.me do not believe in or defend the villainization of aging. We don't speak of fighting the signs, but of aging management, facing this moment healthily and naturally.

Love your skin

Wrinkles are nothing more than an external sign of the passage of time, signs of felt emotions, lived experiences, and a life of intensity and learning, smiling, feelings, and unforgettable moments that are imprinted on our spirit, translated into the skin.

The skin has movement and life! It covers our entire body and is our immediate contact with the outside world. We owe it respect, affection, and care, always thinking about health from the inside out. Therefore, it is possible to approach the treatment of wrinkles gently, as we like to work at enviva.me.

Wrinkle prevention

Although wrinkles derive from a natural process of life, they can also be aggravated by some oversights, especially with sun exposure. To prevent the early and accentuated appearance of deeper expression lines, we recommend:

  • Using SPF 30 or higher every day, reapplying after a few hours. The recommended amount for the face and neck is a full teaspoon or enough to cover your fingers. Look for one with a pleasant feel and incorporate this habit into your routine!
  • Drinking 1.5 to 2 l of water and having a healthy and varied diet, focused on natural foods!
  • Keeping your skin clean by sanitizing it at least once a day, before bed, and then apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type!

Wrinkle treatments at enviva.me clinic

Here at enviva.me we have some options for treating wrinkles:

  • Chemical peels: can be done on the face, chest, hands, arms, and neck.
  • Fractional laser: reaches the deep layers of the skin.
  • Radiofrequency: gives more firmness by stimulating existing collagen.
  • Toxins, fillers, and collagen bio-stimulus: smoothes the skin, improving its quality and restoring the volume that has been lost over time.
  • Microneedling: a simple technique for fine wrinkles, has a quick and effective recovery.
  • Micro-focused ultrasound: it can reach the deepest layers of the skin and muscles, improving their density.

Even our treatments are not intended to "eliminate" wrinkles (not only because there is no procedure capable of giving this result), only to soften them. We always recommend your treatment individually, and we strive for naturalness.