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About Us

enviva.me was the beginning of a dream and a long journey. It was built with solid foundations and was nurtured with a lot of love and affection, resulting from a friendship of almost 20 years.

Andrea and Rosângela worked together in a dermatology clinic, acquiring knowledge and experience. They were able to feel that the whole handling of the patient's treatment depended on the careful link between accurate diagnoses – better therapeutic options – and satisfactory results. In addition, they recognized the empathic understanding of the particular time in the life of the individual and the impact of complaints and pain on the routine of each patient seeking help.

Over the years, their lives took different paths, but the bonds of friendship had already been consolidated as they shared similar values ​​and purposes in life. Thus, they never lost touch and continued to partake in professional and life experiences, rooting for the projects and celebrating each other's victories. But, deep down, they had always maintained the ideal of having a common workspace, a clinic they could call their own.

And behold, in December 2019, the dream began to come out of the paper. They quickly found the perfect location they needed and they started building the physical and regulatory facilities of the clinic, which at that time still had no name.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected all of humanity, and clearly, plans and schedules had to be rethought. The dream had to wait.

While the apprehension and adjustment to the "new normal" were being established, Andrea and Rosângela reflected on the responsibility of caring for people, and on how valuable and sacred it was to exercise that role, with great care so that the results in the field they had embraced could bear fruit effectively and safely.

At that moment of great reflection, the phrases “Put life into me...”, “Enlighten me...”, “Strengthen me for a full life...” came to mind.

The phrases had come from the heart. The name of the clinic was then born: enviva.me Personalized Dermatology. Yes, enviva.me in all the lowercase letters: no human being is better or greater than the other.

The two doctors' distinct personalities brought the desired balance to enviva.me. They completed each other.

The journey of setting up the clinic began in July 2020, at the right time and with immense gratitude to God, family members, and supporters, who were essential to allow them to bring technical knowledge combined with warmth to clinical practice, in a manner consistent with all life stages of those who need help.

Welcome to our home, welcome to enviva.me!

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Circular Health

Life is in constant motion. We all have different appeals, and we need to know how to highlight them healthily. Aging is part of the natural cycle. We always value harmony and quality of life. The human being needs to be in good physical, spiritual, and emotional health. You want to be happy with your body and mind. At enviva.me, we connect health with beauty and the natural evolution of human beings. We want to provide well-being above all else, stimulating the search for happier moments in life. Learn More