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Melasma: Prevention and Treatments

Finding Spot Solutions and How to Avoid Them

Dra. Rosângela Manchini


Melasma: Prevention and Treatments

Many people have heard of melasma: those brownish patches on the face that can cause significant discomfort.

Although it is a chronic skin disease, melasma is treatable and it is possible to prevent its worsening. Let's learn some more about it!

After all, what is melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition characterized by dark spots on the face and body. It occurs when there is excessive exposure to solar radiation, which causes an increase in the production of melanin in specific areas that end up becoming more vulnerable.

It may be associated with pregnancy and contraceptive pill intake, although this is not a direct link. Stress has also been reported to worsen melasma.

Is there treatment?

The good news is that yes, although melasma is not curable, it can be treated! The methods we have here at the clinic are:

  • Chemical peels: consist of applying substances that cause the skin to peel, bringing out "renewed" skin, without the blemish layers, called resurfacing.
  • Fractioned laser: the laser must be done by trained professionals, as the heat from the equipment can worsen the condition. Therefore, light penetration must be of low intensity.
  • Microneedling: like laser treatments, microneedling acts in collagen production and helps products penetrate the skin, performing drug delivery.

In addition to clinical treatments, we also recommend, in our consultations, continuing the process at home with topical creams to ensure the maintenance of results.

How to prevent melasma?

The strongest recommendation for preventing melasma is the same as for many other skin diseases: sun protection!

Using sunscreen daily is essential to prevent stains. The ideal is to use the correct amount, 2mg/cm², or two teaspoons for the face and neck, and touch up throughout the day.

There are also combinations of oral antioxidants that are an interesting strategy to help further shield cells from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Watch out for dangerous "solutions"

In many cases, it is common for people, especially women afflicted with skin conditions, to go into a cycle of despair and resort to homemade solutions or internet recommendations.

There are always promises of miraculous results, but you must be careful: many of these products pose real health risks, and should not be used, especially on their own, without dermatological guidance!

The ideal is always to follow the recommendations of responsible professionals and based on scientific evidence so that you don't run the risk of aggravating a condition or contributing to the emergence of more problems.