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Skin Care During Summer

If you're going to spend your summer vacation by the pool, on the beach, or anywhere else where there's sun exposure, you'll need these tips!

Dra. Rosângela Manchini


Skin Care During Summer

On this summer vacation, fun should be a priority, but not without protection!

As fun as it is to be outdoors, spending too much time in the sun can cause serious problems for your skin, such as premature aging, blemishes, wrinkles, and even causing skin cancer.

So, we've separated some relevant tips and suggestions for you to incorporate into your vacation routine to keep you and your family safe!

As Bial had already said, "wear sunscreen" Of course, we are being funny in the title, but the message is very serious! The use of sunscreen is essential and should be a daily habit, summer vacation or not.

Sunscreen should be used in sufficient quantities to form a protective film on the skin, the recommended amount for the face and neck being approximately 2mcg/cm², or a full teaspoon.

The sunscreen needs to be applied even on cloudy days and preferably reapplied throughout the day, especially after intense sweating or after getting wet.

Use physical barriers Other physical protection mechanisms are also very efficient, such as t-shirts and clothes made from fabrics that filter UV rays, in addition to hats, caps, and visors. Canvases and umbrellas made of filtering and thick fabrics are also an interesting addition, as they provide an extra protective barrier for the whole body.

Avoid peak hours It's a well-known but valid rule of thumb. Ideally, avoid peak hours and stay in the shade between 10 am and 4 pm. If you still stay outdoors and under indirect sunlight, sunscreen is still required: don't neglect it!

Keep yourself hydrated! Beneficial not only for the skin but for the whole body, drinking water and staying hydrated is a huge contribution to your health! Drink plenty of water, and if you like coconut water, it's very refreshing on hotter days!

Have you taken note of these invaluable tips? We remind everyone to have a rest of 2021 full of love, peace and rest for the coming year - of course, with maximum protection!

A merry Christmas and a great New Year to everyone! Big hug,