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Laser Treatment and IPL

The effects of laser and IPL

Dra. Rosângela Manchini


Laser Treatment and IPL

One of the most versatile treatments we offer at the clinic is the laser. Lasers are devices that produce electromagnetic radiation with monochromatic waves of a single length, with properties that allow a deeper or more superficial penetration through the skin - thus helping to treat various conditions, such as melasma, sagging, spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.

We offer at

The laser we offer at is the Erbium 2940 ablative fractional laser: it is fractioned to reach deeper layers of the skin, and is ablative as it removes part of the epidermis, promoting cell renewal. The procedure is performed with an anesthetic cream beforehand, and patients receive topical treatment for their recovery at home.

Herbion is the most suitable option for treating wrinkles and offers a faster recovery time while bringing results as good as the alternatives.

Intense Pulsed Light

Another treatment that we also offer at is the intense pulsed light, which, unlike laser, is made of light bursts with waves of varying lengths, reaching different layers of the skin. IPL is best suited for attenuating melasma, blemishes, spider veins, superficial wrinkles, and photoepilation.

Which one is right for me?

Each case needs an individual assessment. Therefore, without a thorough clinical consultation, it is not possible to make a medical recommendation. In fact, one of the most effective treatment measures is the combination of different procedures, hence the importance of personalized work.