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After-beach hair care

Have you come back from the beach and need to get your hair back? See our tips.


After-beach hair care

After a summer season of going to the beach, the sun, heat, and the pool, the skin and hair suffer the consequences. They may have become more dry and sensitive, requiring some special care!

Damage control As your hair was exposed to high temperatures, chemicals from the pool, sea salt, and sun exposure, it is crucial to control this damage as much as possible.

We also need to reinforce that hair is a dead structure incapable of regenerating or being modified. Hair products and salon treatments are just makeup, they camouflage damage and disguise it through components that add shine and keep the cuticles sealed, as sun exposure opens them, giving the hair a dry look.

Step by step When we talk about "recovering" hair, we talk about a softening effect that preserves the integrity of the strands until they grow enough to be cut. There are a few things that can help:

• Cut the ends of the hair: the ends are usually the most damaged, and split ends can occur. Cutting them leaves your hair looking healthier! • Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo to remove impurities that may have remained on the strands, such as sea salt, pool chemicals, among others. Avoid using it too many times in a row because it can end up drying out the roots and the scalp. • Do a hydrating mask in the shower for a few days. It makes the hair softer and shinier! • When drying, avoid heat sources such as a hairdryer and flat iron. They are aggravating the dryness. If you need to, prefer cold or warm temperatures and try to let your hair dry naturally most times. • When styling your hair, you can use oils on the ends for a more hydrated look.

These tips will help a lot to make your hair softer and healthier looking for returning to your routine! If you think you are experiencing symptoms such as hair loss and alterations in your scalp, look for your dermatologist!