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A Circular Concept of Life

What is circular health?

Dra. Andrea Masada


A Circular Concept of Life

From dancing to health

After much reflection on the concept to be adopted for the clinic, we decided that the creation of the brand would be based on the perception of the sacred. This concept was a very personal matter for the doctors who created enviva.me, Dr. Andrea Masada and Dr. Rosangela Manchini. It was necessary to seek a connection between health and beauty, practically and uniquely, different from the widespread concept publicized in the market. Both doctors were looking for a concept that could truly get across their very essence, reflecting their beliefs. Therefore, they sought inspiration for practices from circle dance and the holistic view of the human being. And from reality itself.

But after all, what is circle dance?

Circle dance is an ancestral practice that has been reclaimed to the present day and is closely linked to the sacred being. It is part of the culture of some tribal communities to celebrate rites of passage. The dynamics of this dance are simple. It is based on the movements made in a circle, through which, little by little, the participants internalize the steps, freeing the mind, body, heart, and spirit. In other words, it is a moment of embracing the connection of multiple energies, focusing on the search for common harmony.

That was when the concept of change and evolution began to emerge for the creation of the brand: a concept related to human transformations, both physical and spiritual. Finally, the name circular health was born: movement of life linked to physical health.

A different aging

Now, when people think about getting old, some stereotypes immediately come to mind. Such thoughts almost always carry negative connotations, as if the aging process was something bad or unnatural. But aging does not have to be negative. It should not be. Our mission at enviva.me is to have a loving, sensitive and technical approach to the needs of those seeking the clinic and to value the unique beauty of each human being, therefore providing healthy and balanced well-being to all.

Beyond the physical

Human beings are always evolving. And changes are part of the natural cycle of life. Health goes far beyond the physical or aesthetic. Being healthy is feeling good about your appearance and at ease in spirit. You need to be happy and comfortable with your body and mind. The search for quality of life has a fundamental role in that sense of well-being because it completes the triad of health along with physical beauty and inner harmony. The points we highlight for achieving this fuller and more prosperous life are aimed at maintaining healthier personal and professional relationships, a more natural diet, regular physical activity, self-awareness practices, and adequate rest (or leisure time).

Our considerations

Circular health is a concept and a philosophy closely linked to changes and evolutions in life. How about scheduling an appointment to better understand this profound and fascinating process, which goes from the first moments of life to aging? Learn more about us and explore all the splendor of life inside you!